Professor Dylan Edwards

Prof Dylan Edwards is Chair of Cancer Studies in the School of Biological Sciences (BIO). He did his PhD at UCL working with Dr. Irving Johnston on yeast cell cycle mutants and postdoctoral research on growth factor regulation of gene expression in mammalian cells at the University of Western Ontario with Dr. David Denhardt (of Denhardt’s solution). This led on to work with John Heath at Oxford University on the regulation of matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) and their tissue inhibitors (TIMPs), which has been a theme of his subsequent work as a principal investigator. He was an Assistant and Associate Professor at the University of Calgary, Canada from 1989-98, before returning to the UK to become Big C Chair of Cancer Studies.

Dylan Edwards is a molecular biologist principally interested in the functions of the human “degradome” – the repertoire of proteases and their inhibitors that cells and tissues use during tissue remodelling processes in development, tissue repair and disease states. A major focus of the work of the laboratory is on cancer, where we are studying proteases to identify novel diagnostic markers and therapeutic targets, and to identify the cellular and molecular mechanisms of extracellular proteases. He was Coordinator of the European Union Framework Programme 6 “Cancerdegradome” Project, which involved 41 Partner laboratories in 13 countries, and is currently a partner in the FP7 “SaveMe” project on pancreatic cancer imaging and therapy using nano particles.